If you are a content writer or a website owner, then you must know the five SEO methods that elevate your website’s performance and increase its reach.

Many of you must have imagined how websites rank on Google’s first page and how they get so much reach. Then you are in the right place, as today we are going to discuss the five SEO methods that will not only increase a website’s performance but also increase its reach around the world.

Websites just do not reach the top of Google’s search engine; they are programmed to reach the top by some methods called search engine optimization (SEO). The content is so organized that search engines recognize its importance and display it at the top of the search results.

Five SEO Methods That’ll Help Reach Your Website on Top of the Google Search Engine

Five SEO Methods

Search engine optimization is very basic for websites to get ranked on Google. But it is not a very simple and easy-to-go method. It takes a little web science to do SEO on a website. There are no pet rules for this; rather, it is based on the years of experience of any person.

SEO is not of only one single type; there are many types of SEO, and all are as effective as one. But today, we will only be discussing on-page and off-page SEO and the methods that will help boost your website.

Let us start our discussion of the five most effective SEO methods that will help you as a content writer and a website owner. All of these methods have been effective and have been proven throughout my career.

1. Write content in demand:

The first and most basic step is to write content that is in demand; this means that people search for the content niche that you are writing for. If you pick a niche that is not searched by most people, then how are they going to find it?

So, first of all, you should find proper keywords and then make a proper, attractive title with that focus keyword. This will make that content more attractive and easily searchable by the audience, and that content can rank faster.

2. Proper keyword density:

Keyword density plays a very crucial role in the world of SEO. The focus keyword should be evenly distributed throughout the content without any grammatical mistakes.

The exact keyword density should remain between 1 and 2% of the entire content. That will make Google believe that your exact focus keyword is the one on which you want to rank your website.

3. Use any effective SEO plugin:

There are many free and paid SEO plugins, like All-in-One SEO (AIO SEO), RankMath SEO, Yoast SEO, and Monster Insights SEO plugins. But the one that I personally like and use is the Rank Math SEO plugin.

Most of the features of the Rank Math SEO plugin are available for free on WordPress.org, and you can use premium features in this plugin for free. This is one of the most effective SEO methods.

4: Make pages and posts load faster.

Your posts and pages should load faster to exhibit the bounce rate. This will make the audience stay on the page or post longer. You can check the speed of your website’s main page on Google PageSpeed Insights.

You should optimize your images and add videos to your content to enhance the user experience. The image sizes should be very small to make pages and posts load faster. You can use any plugin, like Rocket’s lazyload images plugin, etc.

5. Use backlinking on your website:

Backlinks are still very important in 2024. A website without any backlinks is like something important wondering in the middle of the desert without any connection to the world.

But the main problem with backlinking is that there are many more people in the world marketing their websites. But a proper technique can be helpful, like the Skyscraper technique by backlinko.com.

Concluding the Five SEO Methods

These were some of the best and most proven SEO methods that I have found with years of experience. Remember, good content with proper SEO can easily put your website on top of Google’s search engine results.

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