The story of Saudi Arabia’s evolution began in the 18th century, when the Saudi Royal Family Al-Saud gained power in the Arab world. That changed the entire history.

The history of the Arab nations is very significant. This is the place where the Prophet of Muslims, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (PBUH) was born and preached about Islam after the age of forty.

He gained power in Makkah (Mecca) and Madinah at that time, and his successor and first Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakar gained power over the entire Arab world, while the second Caliph of Islam, Umar Ibne Khattab conquered Romans and Persians.

This was one of the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that eventually came true in the reign of the second caliph, Umar Ibn Khattab. This changed the concept of Arabs in the world. But then the downfall of the Arabs started.

But when the Al-Saud, a royal family of Arabs, took command of the Arab world, they changed the entire Arab world from camels in the deserts to the world’s largest skyscrapers, and Saudi Arabia’s evolution started by becoming the next Europe.

Saudi Arabia’s Evolution to Become the Next Europe

Saudi Arabia's Evolution

During the reign of the Saudi royal family, Al-Saud, oil was discovered in the lands of the Arabs. America needed oil the most, so they gave them what they had—a lot of money—and the Arabs gave them what they had—a lot of oil. That was the time when the rise of Arabs started.

But in the history of the Arabs, Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) was the crown prince and the prime minister of Saudi Arabia. He came to power with the vision of making the Arab world the next Europe.

Saudi Arabia’s evolution is on its way to becoming the center of the world. Muhammad Bin Salman is leading Saudi Arabia with great vision, and the world is realizing his enormous impact.

Let us discuss Saudi Arabia’s evolution in three different chapters of history to understand what has driven Saudi Arabia so far and what will be the future of this nation.

Chapter 1: Oil-Sparking Era of Change (Early 1900s)

After a huge downfall, the entire nation of Arabs was sparked by the discovery of oil in March 1938 by an American company in “Dammam“. It was the first time in history that huge oil reservoirs were found in only a single country.

Saudi Arabia first reservoir

This changed the future of Arabs, and the royal family of Saudi Arabia knew this. So, they took full advantage of this opportunity. And without wasting any time, they made many deals with American-owned companies.

America was desperate for the oil, while Saudi Arabia was desperate for money, so both nations exchanged with each other. Arabs get the money, and Americans get the oil. To date, America is the largest oil buyer and Saudi Arabia is the largest oil seller in the market.

Chapter 2: Economic Alchemy and City Skies (Early 90s)

With a sudden income of such a huge amount of money that was almost unlimited to imagine, nobody knew what they would do with that. There was not a single plan for anyone.

So, as expected, everyone started spending money free-handedly. Arabs started buying very expensive merchandise, making large skyscrapers, establishing large reservoirs, etc., which helped Saudi Arabia’s evolution.

This unplanned progress was a significant advantage in creating the modern state of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia transformed from a land of deserts filled with camels into a city of skyscrapers. And this paved the way for Saudi Arabia’s evolution.

Chapter 3: Dawn of a Visionary Era (Current Era)

With so much advancement in infrastructure and modern cities, there was a need for proper planning and a vision. This need was fulfilled after Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS), the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, came into power. He is now also the prime minister of Saudi Arabia.

MBS has played a significant role in Saudi Arabia’s evolution, and Saudi Arabia is on its way to becoming the world’s next Europe, which is currently the center of attraction for the entire world. MBS made a significant amount of advancements in the fields of technology and infrastructure.

MBS opened the gates of concerts, shows, and modern rules outside Makkah and Madinah (they are the most holy places for Muslims around the world). Women are more independent now than before.

Saudi Arabia has invested a lot in football, WWE, and other famous sports by bringing stars like Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7), Neymar Jr., Karim Benzema, John Cena, etc. There are major projects like NEOM, VRPs, Mukaab, Red Sea Project, etc. under Saudi Vision 2030.

Concluding Saudi Arabia’s Evolution

As you have all come to understand, Saudi Arabia’s evolution is on the right track under the supervision of its visionary leader, Muhammad Bin Salman, who is probably one of the greatest visionary leaders so far.

In the future, Vision 2030 will be a massive success, and Saudi Arabia can become the next center of the world, the position that currently Europe holds. The Jeddah Power is under construction again after a small pause and is set to become the tallest and largest building in the entire world, beating the UAE’s Burj Khalifa.

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