Now that ChatGPT has been released, everyone is rushing to use AI technology. Every day, new AI chatbots are launched; today, we’ll talk about the best of them.

The globe first used artificial intelligence (AI) technology relatively early in the twenty-first century. Algorithms were conceptualized, but no design language was present. While there were several design languages for coding and programming, AI chatbots were not one of them.

Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants were rigorously working on building any of these types of AI bots. But they were going at a slow pace, especially Google. There was no significant competition for Google in the market.

Innovative Next-Gen AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots

As we previously covered, the publication of ChatGPT by the OpenAI initiative, with assistance from Microsoft, ushered in the era of artificial intelligence chatbots.

Google, which has previously lagged in the development of AI bots, entered the fray with the beta release of Google Bard. Microsoft compelled them to do this by including ChatGPT in their search engine, Bing, even though it was unlikely to happen earlier.

As of now, there are many AI bots released on an almost daily basis, but we will discuss the most famous AI bots that are available on the market. We will be discussing ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Chat Sonic.

Let us start our discussion of the best AI chatbots available on the market and how they make a huge difference in the lives of people.

ChatGPT: Conversational and Redefined Chatbot

The Google search engine competed with the first AI bot that hit the market. It was the first to establish the practice of creating AI bots and making them available to the general public. It is an OpenAI-powered conversational AI.

This implies that you and the AI bot can have in-depth discussions. The robust LLM language paradigm serves as the foundation for ChatGPT. This AI bot used to have a lot of bugs and shortcomings. But things are good now.

Google Bard: Descriptive Talk

Just after OpenAI’s ChatGPT success, Google released its own AI bot named “Bard.” It was released in beta, and it made many mistakes earlier. But now, major flaws have been fixed, and it makes fewer mistakes but still makes some, so be careful while using it.

Google Bard does not go as deep as ChatGPT, but it writes descriptive texts. It gives very long answers to your demands, so you can also write articles and blog posts much more easily.

Although Google Bard does not allow for as much interaction as ChatGPT does, you may still hold discussions with it. Even so, having a conversation with an AI chatbot is rather intriguing.

RASA: Make Your Own AI Chatbot

RASA is a little different from the others mentioned and discussed above. Those were the AI bots with whom you could talk and have conversations. But RASA is the AI bot platform, with the help of which you can make your own AI bot.

We have also shared a video on how to make your own AI bot with the help of RASA and Python. The process of making your own AI bot is a little complicated, as you have to train the AI model. This is not like installing any software and then running it to make the AI bot.

Concluding the Most Innovative AI Chatbots

These were our top picks for the best and most innovative AI chatbots. You can have conversations with any of these AI bots, or you can also make your own AI chatbot with RASA. The links to all of these AI chatbots are embedded above, along with their names.

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