The world’s most powerful intelligence agencies handle missions that armies can’t complete. And today, we will be ranking the world’s secret powers.

The concept of a secret service agency is not new. Yet, the older concept was officially established in 1865 by the US as the United States Secret Service (USSS) by a Treasury Department to stop counterfeiting the US currency.

Gradually, the concept gained popularity, and it was being used in the armed forces during the American Civil War. Later, it spread worldwide; now, almost every country has a secret intelligence agency. Let us rank the five most powerful intelligence agencies around the world.

World’s 5 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

most powerful intelligence agenciesIf any country has a powerful army, then it is not necessary to have a powerful secret intelligence agency. The world’s most powerful intelligence agencies are most feared around the world. You have probably heard about them before in movies, TV shows, etc.

The agents of these most powerful intelligence agencies are spread in other countries as spies. These spies look just like other citizens and are very trained professionals. If any spy from any country gets caught in any other country, then it’s very bad for that country, as it weakens diplomatic relations between the two.

The top ranking of the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies is classified. This information is not publicly available. So, it is difficult to give rankings, yet we have rough ideas that we will share. Now, let us rank the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies worldwide, and we will list only five for your ease.

1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—United States

The CIA is also the most famous intelligence agency due to American and British spy movies. And it is also the most powerful intelligence agency among all of the intelligence agencies.

The CIA also failed many times when the 9/11 incident happened and when 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot to death. But still, it is the most powerful intelligence agency worldwide, with a Power Index Score of 85.

2: Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) (United Kingdom)

In our list, the United Kingdom’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, is ranked number 2 among all of the intelligence agencies worldwide. It also protects the United Kingdom from foreign transgressions, invasions, and attacks.

Other intelligence agencies like MI6 and MI5 work with GCHQ very closely. MI6 and MI5 are the UK’s foreign intelligence agencies, of which MI6 is superior. Overall, GCHQ has an 80 Power Index Score worldwide, which puts it after the CIA, which ranked number one in our list.

3: Federal Security Service (FSB)—Russia

The 3rd-ranked Russian intelligence agency, FSB, has a Power Index Score of 75. Russia was the previous superpower in the world. But after its downfall, its armed forces and intelligence agencies like FSB and SVR.

Russia failed to retain its number-one spot in the world. Still, it is one of the top three most powerful countries in the world, whether in the armed forces or intelligence agencies.

4: Ministry of State Security (MSS)—China

China is the emerging power of the world and maybe the next superpower of the world after the downfall of the U.S. China has many intelligence agencies like MSS, MIB, MPS, UFWD, etc. But the main intelligence agency is MSS, which covers and protects the entire country.

MSS has a Power Index Score of 70 in 2023 and is rising. Soon, it will also be in the top three and probably the top-ranked intelligence agency in the world.

5: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)—Pakistan

Surprisingly, Pakistan’s ISI has come to the fifth spot in the world, according to our deep research. Once, ISI was considered the most dangerous intelligence agency in the world, and it was the most active intelligence agency.

Now, its Power Index Score is 65, but it is still considered one of the most dangerous and powerful intelligence agencies in the world. Pakistan’s armed forces are also ranked number 7 among the world armed forces rankings.

Concluding the World’s Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

This is it for today on the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies are more powerful than the armed forces of that country. Because the armed forces are open to everyone, intelligence agencies’ information is classified.

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