Smartphones are a daily need for people right now, and there are hidden features of smartphones that you can use daily.

You may use your smartphones daily, but there are still many hidden features you do not know about. Many people are not tech geeks; they use their smartphones to do some specific task, and that’s it.

You should know about these hidden features of smartphones, as they are beneficial and can help you multitask, have simplicity, etc. These features will be helpful in your daily life and make your life more effective than before.

Hidden Features of Smartphones

Hidden features of smartphones

If you want to use your smartphone to its limits and benefit from the best hidden features of smartphones, then you must know these hidden features that we will discuss below in our blog post.

There are different features, like “Enabling Developer Options,” “Setting Data Usage Limits,” and sharing your wifi password via QR code without giving the password, forcing the phone to peak refresh rate.

Soon, you will be able to do all of this on your smartphone, and this will impact your daily life. Some of these settings you might know about, but most will be unknown to you. Let us start our discussion of the hidden features of smartphones.

1. Enabling Developer Options:

Have you ever heard about a secret settings section where you can enable and make deep changes to Android software? You might not because this Developer Options setting is hidden from common people, but you can enable it to make changes according to your own will.

To enable developer options, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your smartphone, then scroll to the “About” section and tap it.
  2. Then find Build Number in your About section and tap on it ‘7’ times repeatedly. This will enable the developer options on your smartphones.

This will give you access to the developer options that will eventually give you access to all the main features, like forcing a high refresh rate on the apps that do not support it. Try it for once, and you will enjoy the more options that are present in it.

2. Sharing WiFi with the help of a QR code:

You will be amazed to know that you can even share your WiFi with the help of a QR code and not give out the actual password. This hidden feature comes in handy when you do not want to give out the password to your wifi.

This is a simple method of sharing the WiFi network with a QR code. Most people are not even aware of this hidden feature of smartphones. But this is a very useful method; even if your password is difficult for anyone to type, you can simply share it on your wifi.

Additionally, you may view the passwords you have saved for every WiFi network you have previously connected to at any time. Where you will locate the password sharing area via QR code should also include the stored passwords part. That can also come in handy for viewing the saved passwords of all the WiFi networks you have ever connected to before.

3. Google Lens

Google Lens is not itself one of the hidden features of smartphones; rather, it is an application from Google Inc. that has many hidden features that most people have never heard exist in their smartphones.

Almost every Android smartphone has the application Google Lens. You can share any image in Google Lens, and it will tell you everything from selecting and translating any text on an image to finding any object in the image on the internet.

Google is making this application more refined and optimized. So, you can use this application on the go without facing any problems or difficulties. This is one of the best hidden features of smartphones, in the form of an application.

4. App Pinning:

Have you ever mistakenly closed all the apps running in the background from the recent tabs option? Then you must know about this app-pinning feature that will pin any of your applications to the recent tab and will not be closed upon closing all recent applications from the recent tab.

You can read the complete guide to the pinning feature in this answer from Google. Once you enable this feature of app pinning, you can pin almost every application in the background.

This is a very handy hidden feature of the smartphone when you unconsciously close all the applications in the background and then realize that you have also closed some important applications that you wanted to be running.

5. Restrict background data.

This is our personal favorite and one of the best hidden features of smartphones that you all should be using today. Most people would be wondering whether it should be possible. Yes, it is possible to restrict the background data from an application.

Even the use of foreground data by the program might be restricted. You may simply accomplish this by going into your smartphone’s settings. In case you are unsure about how to proceed, we have included a video for your reference.

This is a very simple trick to do, and then you can easily restrict foreground and background data from any application from consuming it. This is very handy when you do not want any application to get access to your data in any way.

Concluding Hidden Features of Smartphones

These are some of the hidden features of smartphones that you can start using today. These features will make your smartphone’s usage better than before. We have also shared the recommended videos so that you can watch and do the same for your smartphone.

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