OpenAI's ChatGPT UpdateYou must have used ChatGPT once in your life. Or maybe you are a regular user of this AI chatbot. You will be delighted to hear that the ChatGPT update is coming, and it will revolutionize the AI world.

Yes, you heard it right. The AI world is about to revolutionize with this new ChatGPT update. It will be close to the most powerful AIs, like Siri and Google Assistant.

Previously, if you have ever used Google’s Bard, it had the feature of reading images. But now the ChatGPT update will have much more than that.

Let us dive into this revolutionary update that is coming soon.

With the New ChatGPT Update, You Will be Able to Have a Conversation

According to the official blog post of OpenAI, now you can have conversations with the latest update coming to ChatGPT. You can talk to it, and it will talk back to you like Siri and Google Assistant.

There would be a voice feature, from which you can engage with ChatGPT. And from there, the conversation will start between you and AI.

ChatGPT Can Now Talk With Images

The new image-adding feature is coming with the update. With this, you can now show images to the ChatGPT. And it will talk to you based on the description of the image.

This feature was previously present on Google’s Bard. That is still experimental, but it works fine in most cases.

But now, we can expect from ChatGPT that it will work better than Google’s Bard. This would be of great help, as we can upload memes to ChatGPT, and it will explain to us what they mean.

Availability of the New ChatGPT Update

This new update will be available soon for premium users of ChatGPT. It is expected to launch within the next two weeks.

This feature would take time to roll out to the general public. As it would be tested first by the developers and beta community.

Then it would roll out for enterprise and premium members of the AI chatbot. But for the general public, it will take time.

It is expected that OpenAI will limit these features and updates to just enterprise and premium members. But for now, we cannot say exactly what will happen.

ChatGPT Compared to Google Bard

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are both very powerful AI chatbots. Both are based on large language models (LLM). But still, both have different capabilities to engage with users and respond.

Let us talk about ChatGPT first, as it was launched earlier. ChatGPT. It was the first of its kind and a very powerful tool. It stirred up the whole tech world. It also poses some threat to the Google search engine.

Eventually, Google made a comeback, launching its own Google Bard AI. ChatGPT was initially free, but now it charges for a premium account. It only has information until September 2018.

On the other hand, Google’s Bard AI has some additional features. It is completely free for everyone. The good thing is that Google’s Bard can get images as input to read your images.

Now all these features with improved functionality and accessibility will be coming to ChatGPT too.

Our Thoughts

We think that this update won’t be available to the general public soon. This will surely come in two weeks for premium members, but it will take time for the general public, which is on the free trial.

But anyway, this is really a huge and great step by OpenAI. It will open the doorway to other amazing tech revolutions. Sooner or later, but surely, the tech industry will revolutionize the world.

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