Most people enjoy playing mobile games. So today, we are going to share with you the best action mobile games in three chapters.

There are many categories in which people usually play games, such as racing, simulation, action, and puzzle games. The most interesting category that has the most users playing online is the category of the best action mobile games.

You can check all the games one by one. We will also be reviewing these games, so you can also take our opinion. We will also share the best game in each category at the end, when we conclude the best action mobile games.

Let us start discussing the best action mobile games to play in your leisure time online with your friends far away.

Best Action Mobile Games

Best Action Mobile Games

Today we will specifically discuss the best action mobile games you all love to play. Some of these you might already be playing, and some will be new for you.

These days, most people love to play battle royale shooting games. These games have arena modes and other open-ground modes for playing a long game.

Here is our list of the best battle royale shooting games to play online with your friends. These all have an online voice feature so that you can also speak to your friends and play.

1: PUBG Mobile

It is probably one of the finest online shooting games available for both Android and iOS. Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds is a full form of PUBG. It is also available for PC users, but that has high requirements.

Most people also install this game to check the performance of the device on which it is installed. Since it demands good performance, this is a great game to test any device to its limits.

2: Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile, often called CODM, has gained fame originally for its PC version. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the most famous PC game that gave popularity to the Call of Duty game franchise. You will have a similar kind of experience with this game.

CODM is closer to reality as it has the most realistic graphics and user interface that anyone could expect. However, its UI and UX are not so optimized, and its graphics are not eye-pleasing compared to PUBG Mobile.

3: Garena Free Fire

You can say this is the lighter version of PUBG Mobile, with less demand for performance and fewer graphics. Usually, kids love to play this game as it does not demand expertise like PUBG.

Still, Free Fire is a fascinating game to play with your friends if you have a low-end device. It has all of the modes that PUBG has. It is thought to be the copy but it is different on its own.

4- Genshin Impact

If you want to have an adventure with some action without shooting, then Genshin Impact should be your last stop. This is probably the highest graphic-demanding game available both for Android and iOS.

It is also installed to test the performance of any device it is being installed. Genshin Impact is for everyone who loves high graphics, extreme adventure, and adorable action. You must try this at least once to play with your friends.

Concluding the Best Action Mobile Games

So, this was our list of the 4 best action mobile games that you can install and play right now. All of these games are high-performance demanding, so check your devices before installing any of these.

Garena Free Fire is a little bit lightweight compared to others. PUBG has the best experience overall to play with your friends. While CODM has the best realistic graphics and Genshin Impact has the most extreme adventure.

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