Barcelona Corruption CaseFC Barcelona, a well-known football club where some legendary footballers like Ronaldinho and Messi played, is now trapped in a Barcelona corruption case.

A case that also poses the threat of a UEFA Champions League ban, reduced points, or maybe losing all of the titles.

In the Barcelona corruption case, FC Barcelona was charged with about 7.4 million euros in bribery to the former RFEF vice president Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira from 2001 to 2018.

The case is also known as the Negreira case, and if Barcelona is found guilty, which is yet to be proved, then Barcelona would be in huge trouble and may lose all of its titles.

History and Significance of FC Barcelona in the Football World

Let’s say you do not like football much and you do not even watch football much, but still, you have heard of the most famous clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United.

FC Barcelona, which is also known as Barcelona or Barca, was founded in 1899 by a famous businessman, Joan Gamper.

It was the club of arguably the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi. Former Argentine legend Diego Maradona also played for this club.

Brazillian Legend Ronaldinho also played for this club for a long time. Even in the early stages of Messi’s career, he supported him at the club, being his sole idol.

This club is ranked in the top world-class clubs in the world, winning almost every championship it played in.

But now this Messi-owned club is in huge trouble as it is charged with bribery, not corruption. We will explain this case later.

Barcelona Corruption Case: Corruption or Bribery?

This case is widely misunderstood due to poor journalism and fake news by some media outlets. Widely considered a corruption case.

But originally, this was not the case. It is a bribery case, and corruption is yet to be proved.

The Barcelona Corruption Case is wrong to be said as this is solely a bribery case. The accusations have yet to be proven.

The case is still under trial, and we do not understand why some media outlets are selling fake news just to get some clicks and views.

Let us understand the basic difference between bribery and corruption. Bribery is when one gives money to someone else to do what one desires. But corruption is when someone else does what one desires.

So, for now, the Barcelona corruption case is a Barcelona bribery case for which Barca is charged.

The accusations of corruption in the Barcelona corruption case are yet to be proven, and Barca has not been found guilty yet.

Alleged Corrupt Practices

The case is still in the courts, so we cannot give a verdict yet. But there are certain Barcelona matches in the Champions League in which Barca is accused of controversial refereeing.

There are almost five Barcelona matches that are accused of corruption in refereeing:

  1. Chelsea vs. Barcelona, May 2009
  2. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, April 2011
  3. Barcelona vs. AC Milan, April 2006
  4. Arsenal vs. Barcelona, March 2011
  5. Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid, April 2016

On the top of the list were matches between Barcelona vs. Chelsea and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

The Barcelona vs. Chelsea match was so controversial that the referee then lost his entire career due to false refereeing in that match.

And then there was the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match, where Ronaldo was robbed several times by the corrupt referee.

There are several videos you can watch on YouTube. Let us show you the one that shows some major refereeing faults.

Legal Proceedings and Court Trials

The Barcelona corruption case of corruption and active bribery is still under trial under a judge named “Joaquin Aguirre Lopez.”. He is a magistrate and presided over the case in the first investigation court in Barcelona.

According to the document provided by the court relating to this case, the judge said, “A crime of bribery has been proved when the payment was made, whether it is systemic corruption or not by the Spanish refereeing RFEF.”

According to CNN reports, the club FCB (FC Barcelona) has strictly denied the accusations that are being made.

And so the remarks came from Barca legend Xavi, who said that he does not see the referees favoring him or his team in any way.

Final Thoughts on the Barcelona Corruption Case and Its Long-Term Impact on FC Barcelona and the Football World

We suggest you have some patience and do not believe everything you read or see on the internet. The case is still under trial. Barcelona has been charged with bribery, but corruption is yet to be proven.

But if Barcelona is found guilty of corruption in the Barcelona Corruption Case, then it would be a huge loss for the football organization. It can lose all of its titles won between 2001 and 2018.

It would raise many questions about the career of football legend Messi, whose career mainly focused on FC Barcelona.

It would have a huge impact on the world of football. It can lead to massive changes in the game plan and strategies of the clubs in football.

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