Pakistan vs India, Asia Cup 2023

The Number One ODI team of that time (currently Australia as of September 2023), with the ‘Player of the Month‘ by the ICC and also the Number One Batsman in ODI, Babar AzamPakistan, had their biggest defeat against India in the Asia Cup 2023.

It is quite astonishing to think that after winning the toss, Pakistan gave batting first to India. And then India gave up the target of 357 with a loss of just two wickets. This was against the most fierce fast-balling attack in the world.

One can argue that there were a lot of factors that India managed to give such a high target. But when Pakistan came to play, their whole batting lineup shredded like they were playing any T-20 match.

This raised a lot of questions, like, How did this even happen? How could Pakistan not make their comeback at the moment? Even though the game lasted for two straight days, thanks to the rain,.

Here we’ll tell you the most obvious reasons why even Pakistan lost their second biggest defeat in the history of ODI cricket despite having the top team.

After Winning the Toss, Pakistan Chooses to Bowl in the Asia Cup 2023:

asia cup 2023 pakistan vs india

Babar Azam spinning the coin for toss at Asia Cup 2023

Despite winning the toss, Pakistan chose to bowl first. Which lately proved to be very hurtful, not just for the team but for the entire nation.

Pakistani bowlers, excluding Naseem Shah, failed to show their true game. In broad daylight, Pakistani bowlers can’t hold up Indian batters.

Many will argue that in those conditions, choosing to bowl was a wise option, but it later proved to be wrong. The game was suspended that day due to the rain, and the remaining games started again on a reserved day.

But the results were the same. Despite losing two wickets, Indian batting, led by Kohli and KL Rahul, haunted Pakistani bowlers. They dominated the whole remaining play of the day.

A Very Ordinary and Poor Bowling Attack:


Pakistan bowled a very good spell in the first match against India. But in the Super Four, India dominated their batting attack

Pakistan’s bowling attack is one of the best in the world right now. Especially the trio of ‘Shaheen Shah’, ‘Haris Rauf’, and ‘Naseem Shah’ is considered the best and most favorite around the world.

But still, they didn’t give anything to their team. Except for Naseem Shah, all the other bowlers delivered very poor line and length.

Even the spinners didn’t do their job well. And then injuries did their job. Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah were injured in the end, and their overs were bowled by part-time bowler Iftikhar Ahmed. Which further haunted Pakistan.

Pakistan’s poor fielding in the Asia Cup 2023 against India:


Twitter reacts on how Pakistan dropped many catches in slip and on boundaries as well

With very poor line and length during bowling, Pakistan also dropped many catches and gave chances to Shubham Gill and Virat Kohli. Which further haunted Pakistan in the long run.

And Twitter users (now X) didn’t miss their chance to express and remind that this is the vintage Pakistani fielding. In the past, Pakistan did the same many times and eventually lost their matches badly.

Previously, in the 2022 Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka, Pakistan dropped the ball at a crucial moment and eventually lost the match. The same happened in the World Cup semi-finals against Australia.

Pakistan Failed to Build a Strong Partnership:


Pakistani batting lineup humbled by Indian bowlers, especially spinner Kuldeep Yadav

Not just in the Asia Cup 2023, this is a very long-term issue with Pakistan’s batting lineup that hasn’t been resolved yet. The Pakistani team always failed to build strong partnerships whenever the openers got out.

Pakistani middle order is always the problem. And especially the out-of-form Fakhar Zaman, who rarely contributes to the team’s scores.

Pakistan needs to realize and work on this. Their middle order never anchored the innings whenever they were needed the most. Pakistan has to give a chance to the other youngsters as well and should pick out the out-of-form batsmen from the team.

Our Final Thoughts:

In the end, we just want to say that in the Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan should get this as a wake-up call. And should work on their weaknesses. We should not depend on just a few batsmen or bowlers; there must be a backup plan with players in backup.

The time for the experiments is over, the World Cup is near, and the Pakistani team’s management should take some serious action in this regard.

Comment below with what you think about Pakistan’s performance in the Asia Cup 2023. If you want to read more articles or get more news like this, visit our home page. Thanks for reading this so far.

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