Pros and Cons of 5G Technology

5G technology is the future of the modern world. This will open the gateway to virtual reality and the augmented world.

Right now, if we watch the current happenings in the world of technology, 5G technology is the most innovative and interesting thing that is incoming.

With the help of 5G, the dream of augmented reality will also come true. But the dream of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is still far ahead. We will discuss it later.

In this article, we will be discussing what 5G technology is and how it works. We will discuss in depth the advantages and disadvantages of this incoming technology.

What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the successor to 4G technology. This is the fifth-generation technology, which initially began in 2019. Companies started to adopt this technology as it launched.

But still, this technology is not fully functional like 4G technology. And even in developing countries, this technology is not yet fully launched.

To use this latest technology, you should have the latest smartphones that support this technology, unless you cannot use this technology on any ordinary smartphone with any ordinary data SIM.

But you can expect this technology to soon become more common, like 4G technology. So have patience, and soon you will be using 5G, or some of you will already be using this technology.

How does this technology work?

5G does not work like the old technology of 4G; instead, it uses cell sites and transmits data through radio signals. So, it is a little hard to implement this technology compared to 4G.

Right now, two major companies have the right to implement 5G, which are Nokia and Huawei. After being banned from the US, Huawei made a comeback by owning the rights to 5G, and Nokia is also working rigorously on this latest technology.

Advantages of 5G Technology

Every modern technology comes with its pros and cons. So this technology also comes with its advantages.

This is right now the fastest data-speed technology that exists in the world. Even Starlink cannot beat this technology.

Let us discuss the pros of this technology in detail:

Faster Speeds

5G is the fastest network speed that exists in this world. Ideally, this network can provide a speed of up to 20 GBPS. Which is exceptional in terms of internet speed compared to others.

No wireless internet can go up to this speed. This will make things easier for augmented reality and virtual reality using VRs.

Lower Latency

5G has the lowest latency so far. Lower latency means the minimum delay a network will take to process computer data.

For 4G networks, the latency is 200 milliseconds. While 5G has only 1 millisecond latency,. Which is very low compared to its predecessor, 4G.

Increased Capacity

5G has 100 times more capacity compared to its predecessor, 4G. This means 5G can hold more consumers over its network.

Previously, with 4G, this was the major issue: when more consumers use the same network, it will lose its efficiency.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

With the advantages of every modern technology, there also come the disadvantages of that technology. And so this technology also comes with some disadvantages.

These include limited global coverage due to radio waves. It also has decreased broadcast distance compared to 4G, which is almost everywhere.

Let us discuss these cons of 5G technology in detail:

Limited Global Coverage

This is by far the worst issue with 5G. This technology has very limited global coverage due to its transmission through radio waves.

So, even in developed countries, only a limited number of cities have access to this 5G technology. Not all cities in any country have access to the fastest 5G network.

Decreased Broadcast Distance

5G has another major issue, and that is decreased broadcast distance. This means that it cannot cover larger distances like 4G technology does.

This again causes problems in integrating 5G in even major cities with skyscrapers. Because skyscrapers affect the transmission of radio wave signals,.

Old Devices Cannot be Replaced

This is another major drawback that slows the integration of 5G technology. Older devices that run on 4G technology cannot be used for 5G.

So, all devices should be replaced, and this slows down the process of integrating this technology. And most developing countries cannot even afford to buy these devices.

Final Conclusion

So, that was it on 5G technology. We have explained what 5G technology is, how it works, and what the pros and cons of this latest modern technology are.

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