The deadliest Morocco earthquake in about six decades has taken up to 2,100 lives, as many survivors are struggling to find food, shelter, and their loved ones.

morocco earthquake

The Moroccan army helps people and operates rescue operations (AFP).

On Friday night, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude hit Morocco, leaving many people dead. As many as 2,100 people died in this tragic Morocco earthquake.

Officials fear that this estimate might be wrong and that we may witness more deaths. This was a devastating earthquake.

According to the Interior Ministry of Morocco, about 2,122 people have lost their lives, about 2,421 are injured, and many more are affected until late Sunday.

The Moroccan media reported that a 12th-century historic mosque was also destroyed in this earthquake. This is major damage to the country’s cultural and historical heritage.

According to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, major parts of Marrakech’s old city were destroyed in this Morocco earthquake.

Morocco Mosque

Reuters: The Tower of the Jemaa el Fnaa masjid in Marrakesh destroyed, while other parts suffered damages

A Moulay Brahim village resident (40km south of Marrakech) said, “We lost our houses and we lost people also, and we are sleeping like two days outside.”


The map of areas that suffered from Morocco Earthquake late on Friday — AFP

The Morocco earthquake hit major cities like Rabat, Casablanca, and Essaouira and damaged all of them. This was terrifying for the whole country.

A Ghannou Najem (resident of Marrakesh) said, “I was nearly asleep when I heard the doors and the shutters banging. I went outside in a panic. I thought I was going to die alone.”

Civil Defense Colonel Hicham Choukri said it was “an exceptional emergency.”.

Responses and Prayers from the World

Al-Jazeera went live on X (previously known as Twitter) and posted about the Morocco earthquake. They did the live coverage of the whole Morocco earthquake tragedy that hit the entire nation and the world.

“Volcaholic” posted on X by denying the MSM reports of no initial damages. M Square Media (MSM) previously reported that there were no signs of initial damage to the mosque in Marakesh.

In a post on X (previously known as Twitter), the Pakistani Embassy in Morocco expressed its deepest condolences and assured that they are always “ready to assist in any manner required.”.

Hamid Asghar Khan (Ambassador of Pakistan in Morocco) supported the whole nation by saying, “The government of Pakistan stands by ready to assist as required.”


Arguably, the all-time top scorer and greatest player of all time in football made an Instagram story and provided his condolences to all of the families of Moroccan people.

CR7 on Instagram about Morocco Earthquake

Cristiano Ronaldo posted a story on Instagram with his condolences to the families affected by Morocco Earthquake

Pakistani Caretaker Prime Minister “Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar” posted on X (previously known as Twitter) saying, “Our hearts ache for those affected by the severe earthquake in Morocco. Pakistan extends its hand in unity and support to Morocco in this trying time.”.

Even the current President of Pakistan, “Arif Alvi,” posted on X and prayed for the affected families of the Morocco earthquake.

The Indian (Bharatiya) Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” posted on X and said, “In this tragic hour, my thoughts are with the people of Morocco. Condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. May the injured recover at the earliest. India is ready to offer all possible assistance to Morocco in this difficult time.”

The Spanish Prime Minister “Pedro Sanchez” posted on X, “All my solidarity and support to the people of Morocco in the wake of this terrible earthquake… Spain is with the victims of this tragedy and their families.”

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, said on X, “We are all devastated after the terrible earthquake in Morocco. France stands ready to help with first aid.”.

Our thoughts on the Morocco earthquake:

At last, we are also feeling very devastated by this Moroccan earthquake. This was very sad news for people all over the world. We hope that they will soon recover their losses. But the lives that have been lost so far can never be fulfilled.

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