If you are tired of your boring life, then you must try these 5 best sports mobile games. We assure you that you will never regret installing these games.

Most of these games have small sizes, and they will run even on lower-end mobile devices. So, you do not need to worry about your mobile phone.

The games that we will be discussing today include cricket, football (soccer), basketball, mixed martial arts, and baseball.

All of these games are regularly updated, and most of them are from official sports franchises. So, you can expect original characters with genuine capabilities.

Let us start our discussion on the 05 best sports mobile games powered by official franchises and the latest updates.

05 Best Sports Mobile Games

05 Best Sports Mobile Games

We will be discussing today the 05 best sports mobile games that we will be officially updating. So, you do need to worry about the latest players’ data.

You do not need to be interested in sports to install and play these games. You can try these games on your own just once.

The list of the best sports mobile games would not be on a priority basis; rather, it would be just our normal numbering, and all of the games are best in their respective sports.

Here is the list of the best sports mobile games in every field of their sport that are available on the Play Store for free:

Let us discuss all of these games in detail and check what features each game offers to you and how good the real sports experience they provide is.

EA Sports FC Mobile 24

It is probably the best official football mobile game available on the Play Store. This game is officially handled by EA and FIFA.

Recently, it had a major revamp in its UI style after the 2024 update. They have Vinicius Jr. in their cover photo. Before that, they had MBappe as their cover image and in-game UI.

This game is very small in size as compared to its fluent gameplay without any lag or jitter, even on low-end devices.

Due to its small size and fluent gameplay, this is the best football game available on the Play Store.

World Cricket Championship 3

Nextwave Multimedia’s WCC-3 is another of the best sports games available on the Play Store. This is a cricket game, and it is by far the best of any other game.

Yes, we agree that it has some cartoonish characters, and not all shots look realistic like Real Cricket 22.

But still, it is a complete cricket game with the World Cup and other tournaments like IPL, PSL, etc. Though most of the features are paid, it’s still enough to play for free.

This game is regularly updated, and it has the latest players’ data for you to enjoy the real game of cricket.

EA Sports UFC Mobile 24

If you are into mixed martial arts, then EA Sports UFC Mobile 24 is the best game offered by the official UFC franchise. UFC is the top-tier franchise of MMA sports.

This game has realistic graphics with a small download size. All of its characters are based on the latest data. So, you can enjoy your favorite characters and have fun.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

This is another of the best mobile sports games by an official game franchise. NBA is the top franchise of basketball sport that offers you a free NBA Live Mobile game.

Due to its popularity and function controls, it has to be in the top 5 best sports mobile games. It is also updated regularly, like all of the other sports games, and it has the latest data on all players.

EA Sports MLB Tap Baseball 23

The sport, which is very famous in the US and Japan, is also available at the Play Store, officially by EA, for free. It is also powered by the MLB, which is a top franchise in baseball.

It gives an amazing experience of baseball with stunning graphics. The game size is small enough to run on low-end devices and smartphones.

The gameplay experience and UI design of this game are exceptional compared to other baseball games.

Summarizing the 5 Best Sports Mobile Games

This is our list of the best sports mobile games that we have tried and tested for you. You can try all of these one by one just to have fun.

Our list includes official games with the latest updates; the links to these games are provided above. You can always visit them for the latest update on the game.

Visit our Home Page to read more articles like this. We have a collection of interesting articles written just for your interest. Comment below if you have any questions related to today’s article.

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