Life is tough to understand and very short to figure out why you were born. There are three phases of life that a human being must complete to become a man. Then there comes old age, where everything almost stops and the true meaning of life is understood.

Life feels very short when enjoying and having fun, and it feels very long when dealing with the difficulties and problems that life has given us. These shape our personalities, and we become men in the end with maturity. Most people do not even hit that stage of their lives.

This is a very complicated term to explain, but we will try to make it short and simple so that you can understand the concept of life from the depths of your heart. Let us begin with the topic of the phases of life that complete a human being.

Phases of Life of a Human Being

Phases of Life

A human being goes through different phases of life throughout his lifetime. Today, we will be discussing three major phases of life with respect to time and the maturity of a human being.

The first one will always be childhood fun and enjoyment. As we all know, the fun that we all had in our childhoods is incomparable. But not everyone’s childhood is full of excitement and wonder. Some go through difficult childhoods too.

Then comes the stage of teenagers, when puberty hits. This is a stage full of energy in a human being’s life. Life feels different at this stage of life. A teenager thinks that he can change the entire world or become a billionaire by the end of his life.

And then comes the stage of maturity, when a person realizes what he can do in this world and how limited his life is. This is the stage of adulthood. The person becomes mature, and no one backs him. He is alone and carries his entire family with him.

At last, there comes the stage of old age. In most people’s lives, this phase is not worth discussing. But some people’s lives are revamped at this stage. We will discuss a few examples of that too. Let us start our discussion of the three major phases of human life that complete them in the end.

Childhood Magic

Children are innocent; they always enjoy themselves and have fun. If ever they get hurt, in the next few moments, they won’t even remember what happened in the past. They never care about their future or the things that happened in the past.

But, as I’ve said before, everyone’s childhood is magical and full of enjoyment. There are many kids who are suffering from family trauma, toxic environment, etc. This leaves an impact on their lives throughout their lifetime. But this is life; everyone has different conditions to live this life.

II: Full of Energy Teenage

The next phase of life is teenage (13–19 years of age). This is the only phase in the phases of life when the puberty hits. Puberty is the sexual maturity of boys and girls. In boys, it starts with nightfalls, while in girls, it starts with the menstrual cycle.

In this stage of life, boys and girls are full of energy. They think that they can conquer the world or do anything in their lives that they want. But reality hits differently when they pass that stage. This stage is also depressing and stressful for some teenagers, as they have to face practical life after.

III: Adulthood Maturity

The most difficult stage of a human being’s life is adulthood. This is the stage when they have many responsibilities in their lives and have family relying on them. At this stage, people get mature, and they realize how hard life actually is.

Still, the most success that people get is in their adulthood stage. Among all of the phases of life, this is the stage for most people when they are stable on their own. This completes a human being, and it almost ends at the age of 40, on average. Then old age hits human beings, which is almost the end of their lives.

Concluding the Three Phases of Life

These were the three different phases of life that complete a human being into a fully grown being. Not everyone reaches these stages of their lives.

Some die right after birth, some in childhood, some in adolescence, many in adulthood, and almost everyone in the final stage of old age.

As a whole, we should understand that life is very short for disputes, wars, crimes, and every bad thing that happens in this world. We all should enjoy our lives within the limits of humanity.

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